Throw yourself into your most comfortable vintage mom Jeans.
Because who likes to be tight in their pants all the time.
I like to wear mine high wasted, I choose the skinny shape but of course I take it 2 sizes bigger than mine to be comfy.

For this look comfortable, vintage and youth are the words that come to my mind.
It really matches my personality, sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong epoch.
Vintage to me is nostalgic and romantic at the same time.
Vintage doesn't mean at all old for me, it empowers your youth.
It's soft like the colors of my polaroid.


A little see through never hurt anybody.
It's the very first time of my life that I put a see through top so I had to immortalise it.
My love for flowers is endless.
Of course don't forget to put on bra, or not if you want to call the intention of the police, depends of your purpose that day.
Be bold.


Why so serious ? Take time to have fun and to smile 😀
It looks like I'm truly enjoying my Vans, I love high heels but since I'm quite tall I don't wear heels that often.
What's more you can't run through Paris with heels !

PS : these are not my shoes (that's why they are too big) I stole them from Elisa but Hush it's a secret.

Jeans from Levis 
Shoes Vans
Top Urban Outfitters 
Glasses Ray Ban 



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