If you follow me for a while you know that I have a guilty addiction to luxury handbags.
I recently made a TAG about them on my Youtube Channel since I love them so much.
My love for high quality, beautifully made handbags started years ago.
I keep collected them in different colors, materials, brands and styles.
To me having the right handbag can definitely make THE difference in your outfit.
For some people it might sounds cheesy or superficial but I am really attached to my bags, they are a big part of my fashion style and personality.
I can keep talking about my love for luxury handbags forever so without any more rumbling let's get straight into it.
I am here to share with you my favorites handbags at the moment, for this first blog post about bags I wanted to do a special Givenchy edition.


Pink is very on trend nowadays and I couldn't be more happier since it's one of my favorite color !
That's why it's not a big surprise that I own a pink handbag (to be honest with you I have few ones in this color I am addicted).
I think that the Antigona bag has the perfect shape for an every day bag.
If you don't take it in the smooth leather, it's going to last ages without any scratches.
It's so robust and you can wear it cross body which is always useful especially if you're in a rush.
I keep buying this bag in different sizes, colors and fabrics because to me it's a big must have in your wardrobe ♡


I call this one my red blood shark because of its color.
It's called the Shark bag because of the clasp which is a shark's teeth.
I really like the shape this one, it's very elegant but still modern.
I got it in a bright color because it adds a beautiful touch to an outfit, I think that this bag has so much character and you can put a lot inside it's quite roomy.
With an all black outfit this handbag is particularly stunning !
You can also wear it crossbody which as you probably already have understood is very important for me haha.

I do not own a lot of small handbags like this one because I don't know at first I was thinking that I wouldn't wear them.
But I am getting more and more into small cute bags these days and this one has been a favorite of mine for few months now.
It was a limited exclusivity edition for the website Mytheresa.
I find it so gorgeous !
It's the only Denim Bag I own but it's very wearable you can dress it up or down depending on your mood and outfit.
Inside, you have a card holder so you don't need to have your wallet, and you can fit for example your iPhone (I have the iPhone X and it fits snuggly inside), your keys and some makeup.
You can also if you want to take off the chain and wear it as a clutch : it's a double function bag for a lot of different occasions.

Obviously you can't carry your entire life in this handbag but I think it has an unique look which makes it very wearable.
To me this bag is very "young" with the denim, the silver chain and the white stitching, it's a bag which is totally according with his time that's why I love it so much.

pochette photoshop

To finish with my favorite handbags of the moment, I want to mention this beautiful bright red Clutch.
It was a limited edition because it was the last collection Ricardo Tisci made before leaving Givenchy after 12 years as the Artistic Director of the brand.
For this unique collection he used the very famous Bambi print mixing with a powerful red.
I got also a backpack from the same collection and it's gorgeous.
The size of the clutch is good because you can put your phone, some papers etc.
It's the perfect size for an on the go bag.
It's great when I want to be more casual but still want to wear a statement piece.
It's the perfect bag for a brunch or a date evening diner.
It's a real statement handbag because it's not the bag that you see everywhere.
To be honest it's a sentimental collection to me that's why I bought it in the first place.
I truly love all that Ricardo Tisci made for Givenchy he was a very talented Artistic Director.

I am a little crazy about Givenchy bags because they suit my lifestyle and style so much, they really worth the money.
The quality is unreal I never had any issues with them.
If you are thinking about investing in a luxury handbag or in a Givenchy one I can definitely recommend them because they will last in time and you're not going to get bored of them which is also important when you are buying a new bag.
You have a broad choice of leather, fabrics, color and shapes so you can have fun with your handbags.
They are  well made, fashionable, contemporary but yet statement pieces and timeless luxury handbags.

Which are your favorites handbags and luxury brands ? ♡



    • 26 April 2018 / 1:48 pm

      thank you 🙂 I hope you gonna like it ♡ it’s their new baby it’s absolutely gorgeous *_*

    • 25 April 2018 / 7:06 pm

      I thank you ♡ yes me too I hope that with the style director changement they will keep it ! fingers crossed xx

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