I’m such a skincare addict !
Always searching for some bits to try out.
If you follow me for a while now you probably know that I’m very into K beauty and Skincare because it’s so gentle for my skin.
I do layering, sheet masks and all the kind of stuff which I will be talking more in-depth soon.

One thing which is really important into Korean Skincare routine is exfoliating.
You can exfoliate your skin chemically using a toner or a cleanser, or you can exfoliate mechanically using a scrub.
If you do it mechanically I will recommend you to only do it once a week so you don’t irritate your skin, and if it’s a chemical exfoliator you can use it 4/5 times a week as it’s gentler 🙂

That’s why today I want to share with my two favorites chemicals exfoliators.
The first one is a cleanser from ByWishtrend, it’s their brand new  Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash.

This is a gentle cleanser for the morning and evening, which will balance the pH of your skin.
It has antioxidant in it so it hydrates your skin meanwhile getting ride of your blackheads and dead cells.
It’s very gentle and low-irritation so even sensitive skin can use this product.
Your skin is clear, cleansed and hydrated.
What’s more, it’s Chataigne approved haha ! She loves the smell so much !


This second product I want to talk about is a toner.
It’s the ByWishtrend Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water , you put it on your face after cleanser.
This baby will improve your skin tone and texture so much !
As the Green Tea cleanser it’s low-irritation every skin-types can us it.
It’s also antibacterial so perfect for acne pro skin and preventing black/whiteheads, little pimples and stuff like that.
I really really like this one, I’m already on my third bottle !
It’s also very quick to absorb too.
It was a big change into my skincare routine.

As these two products are exfoliant it’s very important not to use them with other exfoliating products such as vitamin C because it can irritates your skin.
For exemple don’t use the cleanser and the toner at the same time because too much exfoliation even if it’s a gentle chemical one is not good 🙂
Don’t forget to always put sunscreen !
As the air is getting colder take care of your skin.

Take care of yourself xoxo


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