We are all human beings.
As humans our species is quiet afraid of new things and getting out of our confort zone.
I always was a very safe and carful person, that’s why taking risks was a big challenge for me.
But I mad that change because it’s the only way to achieve your dreams and goals.
If you want your life to change you have to make it happen, nothing will come to you easily.


As you may or may not know I am now a full time blogger, taking the risk of living of my passion was one of the most important decision of my life !
I write my blog in English but I am not a native English speaker at all.
I’m a French girl from Paris 🙂
At a very young age I felt in love with English, I don’t know why but I feel comfortable with this language.
That’s why when my blog went serious I decided to switch to English because I always told myself that when I will have the chance to be my own boss and launch my business it will be an international / English business.
It was scary for me because I didn’t know if you my readers will like and follow this change.
But thankfully you did it, and I’m so glad to see that we are more and more everyday to share our passion and view about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and so much more !
So thank you for always being  here and push me to improve myself day after day ♡.












Today I am taking a big turn on my youtube channel (if you aren’t follow me already click just here ♡).
Now, all of my youtube videos are going to be in English.
It’s a huge challenge for me because I’m a very shy person and I don’t trust myself.
But I did it and today I feel stronger than ever, and I can see that people are happy about that change.
Of course, there will always be haters, people who try to put you down and make you feel like crap.
Remember no matter what risk or challenge you are taking, always keep fighting for what’s good and true to you.


Keep trying new things, challenging yourself and taking risks will make you a stronger, smarter and better person.
Of course you will fall sometimes but it’s ok 🙂
Mistakes and failures are part of the life, thanks to them we grow up and the next time it will work for the better !
It’s ok to be fearful sometimes, the unknown is scary to everyone, but you will find out how beautiful it could be to start something different, something you would never thought about.
It may be your bigger success and your happiness will come along to it.

What I want to say to close this blogpost is trust yourself, always keep moving, try to be a better person everyday and don’t be afraid of the unknown and failure.
Because ” life is like a riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving



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